• Dorinel Loghin

    Graduate of the Faculty of Engineering and Metallurgy in 2000, he has been lucky to work in this field of study for the last 20 years. Today, a production manager at a multinational corporation on the Steel Plant platform, he says that the activity in the production comes with many challenges and no day is like another.

    “Dynamics” is the word of the day and production is the result of teamwork, meaning that your performance largely depends on how you manage the team, or on each person’s determination, which is quite difficult and demanding. No matter how challenging and satisfying the work in production may be, at some point you may want your valorization and performance to be counted

  • Simona Mușală – a successful graduate of Danubius University

    "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life"


    Simona Mușală told us that she  had chosen Danubius University courses because: “at that time, and I don't know whether anything has changed since then, the Communication and Public Relations profile could only be found within this university. Fun fact, it was very close to my work place, which was very useful for me."

    Simona happily told us about her student life, a life full of challenges, academic opportunities and always in the middle of a real partnership between students and academics: “There I found mentors and friends, openness and collaboration, a

  • Lăcrămioara Stavire is part of the first class of graduates of the Law Faculty, at a time when all courses were organized on the premises of the Marine High School in Galați. About Danubius University, our graduate says that it is “the institution where education is combined with the cultural atmosphere and the desire to create complex generations, a family I am proud to be a part of and which has contributed to my professional development and to creating special friendships that beautify our lives. More than an academic environment, Danubius University encourages and motivates its students, offering them multiple career opportunities! My admiration and respect goes out to those who, with seriousness, involvement, courage and

  • Florin Stoian – A Legal Adviser Serving the Community

    Alumnus of the Law School, with a Master degree in European Union Law, Florin Stoian confessed that: “Danubius University of Galați is certainly a top institution that provides students with an academic environment at the highest level, both nationally and internationally. Many of the students who attended the Law School are now very good legal advisers, lawyers, prosecutors and judges with a distinguished career.”

    Florin recommends that “Danubius” freshmen should turn, with confidence and courage, to the professors who, "with their experience as good practitioners, but also as good pedagogues, will certainly ensure a successful endeavor throughout

  • Sorin Lăcătușu – Danubian Performance at a Very High Level

    Sorin Lăcătușu chose to opt for a private university and his expectations were not deceived, he confesses: “The quality of the taught classes, the exceptional facilities and the faculty’s professionalism marked me and provoked me to wish for more.” Firstly, Sorin attended the School of Communication and International Relations and secondly the School of Law at “Danubius” University. During the years of study he got involved in the projects undergone by the institution, as VEHMED, being also President of the Students’ League, experience about which Sorin talked full of pride remembering his devotion when organizing the freshmen’s ball with over 500

  • Andrei Lupu – An Elitist Attorney

    Andrei Lupu is an alumnus of the Law Faculty of “Danubius” University of Galați. In his opinion, the college years were decisive when choosing the future juridical career. Andrei explained to us that “during the years of study, his teachers didn’t only try to make us familiar with basic juridical concepts, but succeeded into lending us their passion – a fundamental condition to break through”.   

    During the four years of study, Andrei was part of the Danubian Students’ League and took part at the meetings organized by the Law Faculty Council. “I didn’t stay away from the scientific sessions either and I showed my interest by participating in (and being

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