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Alumnus of the Month - February

Alumnus of the Month - February

Florin Stoian – A Legal Adviser Serving the Community

Alumnus of the Law School, with a Master degree in European Union Law, Florin Stoian confessed that: “Danubius University of Galați is certainly a top institution that provides students with an academic environment at the highest level, both nationally and internationally. Many of the students who attended the Law School are now very good legal advisers, lawyers, prosecutors and judges with a distinguished career.”

Florin recommends that “Danubius” freshmen should turn, with confidence and courage, to the professors who, "with their experience as good practitioners, but also as good pedagogues, will certainly ensure a successful endeavor throughout the academic years."

He told us that the interaction with professors, the discussions with them and the graduates’ stories of success, guided and inspired him in choosing a career in the legal field.

He also emphasized that, throughout his academic years, he enjoyed an exceptional communication with his professors and colleagues, at the same time having access to an exceptional library that can easily compete with that of the University of Law in Bucharest.

Since 2018, the former student has been a Legal Adviser within the “Information and Documentation Center for European Integration and Sustainable Development” Association of Brăila. The members of the Association are 34 Mayors of this county, plus the County Council, the “political coloring” being diverse. “Within this Association, we write European projects on the social economy side, for example for start-ups. We also organize professional training courses. I am proud of having managed to attract more than 20,000 euros in the rural area", Florin told us.
To conclude, he told us about one of the projects of this Association, namely "Europe Direct", which aims to promote the European Union at county level, through repeated interactions with high schools, schools, universities, but also by organizing events such as conferences or consulting activities.


Lector univ. dr. asoc. Petra Alina Marinescu
Consultant PR&MEDIA




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