Alumnus of the Month - April

Alumnus of the Month - April

Simona Mușală – a successful graduate of Danubius University

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life"


Simona Mușală told us that she  had chosen Danubius University courses because: “at that time, and I don't know whether anything has changed since then, the Communication and Public Relations profile could only be found within this university. Fun fact, it was very close to my work place, which was very useful for me."

Simona happily told us about her student life, a life full of challenges, academic opportunities and always in the middle of a real partnership between students and academics: “There I found mentors and friends, openness and collaboration, a unique mix between formal and informal. I don't know how it is elsewhere, I cannot make a comparison, for me the student period was full of the joy of discoveries, the joy specific to that age and the feeling of belonging to a group with common values. And the rooftop cafe...is it still there? We ate the best cabbage salad there 😊)). "Yes, the cafe is there. And the memories. And maybe a little nostalgia, after the student period...

The former student of the Faculty of Communication and International Relations sees the profession of communicator as an academic training, a kind of vocation, which does not fit like a glove in any field. "I took the theoretical basis at the University, I applied a good part of it in the volunteering activities at the Public Relations Office of Danubius University - what beautiful memories I have from there - and I can certainly say that there have been at least two moments in two years when I returned to the Crisis Communication courses. I think I chose the right place for me, that is my communicator profile and I was left with a concrete experience and the memory of a period lived with all my heart”, Simona confessed to us.

As for the professional achievements she had after graduation, Simona Mușală told us: “I was a communication specialist with my baby. I am a communication manager at  Galați Community Foundation, an NGO which is almost 7 years old, which is part of a national network of community foundations. Galați Community Foundation is not an activity from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., it is the kind of place you take with you everywhere, most of the time. Here I bring a correspondence between personal and organizational values, with an emphasis on people, connections, and well passed on, from and to the community. It is an achievement to have chosen to study in that field that represents me and makes me happy.”

Moreover, Simona sees volunteering as a form of civilization in a society that deserves to be practiced and supported, quoting Marjorie Moore (leader of many volunteer organizations): “Volunteering is the best example of democracy. We vote in elections, but when you volunteer, you vote every day for the community you want to live in.”

"When a person volunteers, you know that he/ she really believes in what he/ she does, and what is more beautiful than seeing people who believe in something, everything? Participation in volunteering activities will contribute to the personal development of volunteers. Specifically, volunteering can develop social skills and competencies such as solidarity, trust, civic spirit and social responsibility.

According to the volunteering law, volunteering is considered professional and/ or specialized experience, depending on the type of activity, if it is carried out in the graduated field, so that young people who carried out such activities could have an employment advantage. In addition to volunteering being considered a professional experience, this activity can also bring personal satisfaction. You can meet many people from different social categories, with whom you can learn to work in a team (a requirement increasingly sought after in large companies), to achieve a targeted goal. In addition to the professional relationship, these interactions can certainly create friendships.”

This year, the young graduate is the communication coordinator and project manager at SEMIMARATON GALAȚI/ HALF MARATHON GALAȚI and I have taken this opportunity to ask her what this event means to her. The emotions have spoken for themselves: “Second love. Organizing events is my second calling. I like to put in and create good energy, smiles and satisfaction. Galati Half Marathon is the largest sports philanthropic event in Galati County.

This year I have the honor and joy to come closer to its core, I am the project manager of the ninth edition and I confess that what I studied in college helps me here, too. It is one day in a year, which has about six months of work behind it, which is about the community of Galaţi, about how we make the commitment that, through running, exercise and joy, year after year we support and look for solutions to the community’s needs and problems, both in urban and rural areas.”

To the question “What advice do you have for the recent graduates of the Faculty of Communication and International Relations in choosing their future profession?, Simona Mușală's urge was: "It's a cliché, but I have no other experience to confess: Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!"  

In conclusion, Simona sent a message to the future students: “I want you to know that, if you are a Danubian student, the 1st of May is not a working day, you do not go to Kudos or barbecue, on the 1st of May is President Andy Pușcă’s birthday and you must celebrate it as such - when I was a student, with a surprise party in the Seniors’ Club.” This year, surprise! We will announce all the students in advance where we are going to see each other! Because we'll see each other, no doubt!


Mioara Lepădatu,

PR Specialist

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