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Alumnus of the Month - May

Alumnus of the Month - May

Dorinel Loghin

Graduate of the Faculty of Engineering and Metallurgy in 2000, he has been lucky to work in this field of study for the last 20 years. Today, a production manager at a multinational corporation on the Steel Plant platform, he says that the activity in the production comes with many challenges and no day is like another.

“Dynamics” is the word of the day and production is the result of teamwork, meaning that your performance largely depends on how you manage the team, or on each person’s determination, which is quite difficult and demanding. No matter how challenging and satisfying the work in production may be, at some point you may want your valorization and performance to be counted individually. In this sense, he took to a very old passion related to the computer field.

He decided to attend the two qualifications of Danubius College, namely Programmer Analyst and Local and Communication Network Administrator, that he graduated with grade 10 in February 2022. His old passion for programming goes back a long way and was finally satisfied. He promises that, in the autumn session, he will enroll in Computer Science Faculty, thus completing his profile as a computer scientist.

"In one year and a half college, I was happy to relive my student years. I remember the courses we attended with so much pleasure, discovering new and interesting things, I relived the feeling of collegiality, the classes that came with funny moments, dedicated and involved teachers. In the afternoon, the classes managed to detach me from the stress of the day's work.

Very dynamic by nature, Doru is hardworking, motivated, determined, and considers that he will be able to work in both specializations - metallurgy and computer science.

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