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Alumnus of the Month - January

Alumnus of the Month - January

Sorin Lăcătușu – Danubian Performance at a Very High Level

Sorin Lăcătușu chose to opt for a private university and his expectations were not deceived, he confesses: “The quality of the taught classes, the exceptional facilities and the faculty’s professionalism marked me and provoked me to wish for more.” Firstly, Sorin attended the School of Communication and International Relations and secondly the School of Law at “Danubius” University. During the years of study he got involved in the projects undergone by the institution, as VEHMED, being also President of the Students’ League, experience about which Sorin talked full of pride remembering his devotion when organizing the freshmen’s ball with over 500 participants. Moreover, he wanted to bring into discussion his visits in Ukraine during which he also provided scholar materials and books for the one library meant to support the teaching of Romanian in Ismail State University of Humanities”.

Regarding his professional becoming, after graduation, he told us that he “worked in the NGO field, where, as President of the Group for Local Action Siret Bârlad Est I succeeded to finance both a few villages and a couple of entrepreneurs with no less than 1.8 million Euro”. Sorin explained to us that these special achievements are rooted in a strategy of local development, compiled together with his team, and awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture. 

For Sorin, the Danubian faculty’s professionalism was motivating and the academic environment at Danubius represented the basis of his future carrier. “I remember a merit scholarship when I graduated with A (10) or the ERASMUS programs I got involved in, as also Professor’s Andy Pușcă dedication – all of them contributed to my professional becoming”, the alumnus said. 

Sorin Lăcătușu wants the Danubian freshmen to be trustful: “Danubius University made a stance in Galați and in Romania – a private University can perform at a very high level.” In the spirit of the latest managerial changes, the Danubian alumnus wishes everyone an encouraging: “Keep up the good work!”.


Assoc. Senior Lecturer Petra Alina Marinescu

PR&MEDIA Consultant

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