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Alumnus of the Month - March

Alumnus of the Month - March

Lăcrămioara Stavire is part of the first class of graduates of the Law Faculty, at a time when all courses were organized on the premises of the Marine High School in Galați. About Danubius University, our graduate says that it is “the institution where education is combined with the cultural atmosphere and the desire to create complex generations, a family I am proud to be a part of and which has contributed to my professional development and to creating special friendships that beautify our lives. More than an academic environment, Danubius University encourages and motivates its students, offering them multiple career opportunities! My admiration and respect goes out to those who, with seriousness, involvement, courage and dedication, have brought Danubius University to an international level!

Lăcrămioara Stavire is a successful lawyer, is part of Galati Bar Association and has a very important role for Danubius University, that of president of the ALUMNI Association; it is important to mention that she contributed, with great enthusiasm, to the founding of this association. She is involved in organizing professional and cultural events, together with former colleagues of her generation, with whom she has a great friendship, and every year, on Danubius University Day, i.e. on February 15th, she goes onto the stage in the Aula Magna to tell students about the history of this university. Lăcrămioara Stavire is part of Danubius University history, a university that changed her life, she says, and owes her legal career to a man who gave her both knowledge and a role model - professor and magistrate Benone Pușcă, founder of Danubius University!

The professional success of our graduate has always been supported by her family, with whom she celebrated her victories in the courtroom, but also the successes related to her activity as president of Danubius ALUMNI Association, a family which includes her two daughters, Loredana and Cristina, both graduates of this university, now each of them having successful careers in the US and the UK.


Mioara Lepadatu,

PR Specialist

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