• Associate Professor Vasile Bogdan, PhD is an academic at Danubius University, within the Faculty of Communication and International Relations, but before that, he worked as an Expert in Postdoctoral Scientific Research and Teaching Activities and as a Mentor for Teaching and Postdoctoral Research, Expert on Bioterrorism at the Postdoctoral School within the CSCBAS of the Romanian Academy. He served as head of the multinational division in Theaters of Operations (OT) Iraq and Afghanistan, being a war veteran. His experience in theater of operations is complemented by various forms of specialized training, i.e. university, postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral.

    He is a graduate of “Carol I” National Defense

  • Engineering Teacher MAXIM ELENA-LILIANA

    With the vocation to teach others and the desire to pass on to future generations all that is the best and most beautiful in life, ELENA-LILIANA MAXIM combines the SUBJECT to be taught with LIFE LESSONS, depending on the situations in the classroom. When everything seems like a GAME, it is much easier to learn and remember the most complex problems.

    She entered the education system in 2001 under the guidance of a psychologist from the National School of Court Clerks and, from a Mechanical Engineer and Programming Analyst at Galati Shipyard, she became a teacher of Mechanics, Machine Parts, Technical Drawing, AUTO-CAD and Computer Science at “Traian” Technical

  • The Professor of March

    Associate Professor Cătălin Angelo Ioan, PhD


    Associate Professor Cătălin Angelo Ioan, PhD graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics within the University of Bucharest in 1985 and became a Doctor in mathematics at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași in 2000, with the thesis "Contributions to the geometry of semi-Riemannian foliations", coordinated by Professor Aurel Bejancu, PhD.

    From graduation until now he has taught 20-30 branches of mathematics or related ones (algebra, real mathematical analysis, complex analysis, linear algebra, numerical analysis, analytical and differential geometry, differential and partial differential equations,

  • Alina Beatrice Cheșcă is an Associate Professor PhD at “Danubius” University of Galaţi, tenured at the Faculty of Communication and International Relations and teaches English at almost all faculties and specializations within the university. She is also a translator and interpreter for the Media Department within  ”Danubius” University.

    Alina has a PhD in Philological Sciences (with the distinction Summa cum laude), degree obtained in December 2008, at “Ovidius” University of Constanţa, with a thesis on psychoanalytic literary criticism.

    She published 7 poetry books, won 6 prizes at national poetry competitions, she is a contributing editor of several culture magazines, she published poetry in

  • Petra Alina Marinescu - Professor of the Month

    Petra Alina Marinescu is Assoc. Senior Lecturer at the School of Communication and International Relations, “Danubius” University of Galați, also working as Consultant for the PR&MEDIA Department. Formerly, she was Senior Lecturer at the same institution. Petra holds a Ph.D. in Sociology, from the University of Bucharest, and a master’s degree in Social Research from the same institution, both programs being taught in English. Petra also studied abroad on various occasions (Westminster University, University of Graz, Aarhus University, University of Loughborough).

    Petra told us that she is mainly interested in studying the issue of organizational

  • Florin Popescu – A Respectful and Exigent Professor

    For Associate Professor Florin Popescu, his academic activity within the Economic Sciences and Business Administration Faculty of “Danubius” University represents a paradigm shift in that, he says, “I was offered the opportunity to work together with experts and professionals who share their academic expertize”.

    Florin Popescu sees his interactions with fellow Danubian professors and students as empathetic moments of reciprocal respect and believes that “flexibility and adaptation of teaching methods to students’ needs represent the faculty’s strong features.”  

    An European Commission expert since 2020, he has as main goal, for the

  • Ion Rusu – A Man of Duty and Modesty

    Ion Rusu is Professor at the Law Faculty of “Danubius” University with an academic background that he told us that started immediately after 1990 when, as officer with managerial attributions, but also with attributions in criminal investigations in the Romanian Police, he insisted in increasing his becoming in the juridical field, as also in correctly guiding his subordinated colleagues. He attended postgraduate studies at the Law Faculty in Bucharest, subsequently receiving a Ph.D. diploma from “Al. I. Cuza” Police Academy.      

    In 2009 he joined “Danubius” University of Galați about which he told us that, in his opinion, “it has a special

  • Professor Cristinel Munteanu, PhD, Dr. habil.

    “Danubius” University of Galati, Romania

    Faculty of Communication and International Relations



    In 2021 (in collaboration with Professor Klaas Willems from University of Ghent, Belgium), Cristinel Munteanu edited a fundamental book, Eugenio Coseriu. Past, Present and Future, published at De Gruyter (Berlin/Boston).


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