Professor of the Month - December

Professor of the Month - December

Florin Popescu – A Respectful and Exigent Professor

For Associate Professor Florin Popescu, his academic activity within the Economic Sciences and Business Administration Faculty of “Danubius” University represents a paradigm shift in that, he says, “I was offered the opportunity to work together with experts and professionals who share their academic expertize”.

Florin Popescu sees his interactions with fellow Danubian professors and students as empathetic moments of reciprocal respect and believes that “flexibility and adaptation of teaching methods to students’ needs represent the faculty’s strong features.”  

An European Commission expert since 2020, he has as main goal, for the next years, his involvement, along with other IT&C professionals, in as many European projects as possible in the academic and research field, one of these ones being - The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) - an environment for hosting and processing research data to support EU science, where he is also a permanent member of EOSC Future User Group to co-design EOSC Future services and solutions.

Florin Popescu’s curriculum reads a rich research activity, its results being published by international publishing houses working close together with researchers and professionals from first class institutions, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Harvard University or Stanford University. Only this year, he signed no less than five WOS articles, two of them being also published by the World Health Organization.

Talking about himself as being an exigent professional and, at the same time, empathetic and respectful, Florin Popescu advices the Danubian community to be the best. “You are one click far from any opportunity of professional becoming!”, he said.


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