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National conference with international participation “Theoretical landmarks and good practices in psychology”

National conference with international participation “Theoretical landmarks and good practices in psychology”

Between 1-5 June 2022, Prosalvita - Addiction Treatment Center, Addiction Prevention and Psychological and Social Assistance Program, and the Institute for Research on Autism Spectrum Disorder in collaboration with #Danubius University, invite you to the second edition of the National Conference with international participation "Theoretical landmarks and good practices in psychology" - RTPP 2022!

The organizers, Drd. Psih. Florian Miu, teacher at Danubius and Psih University. Alina Galatanu, President of the Institute for Autism Spectrum Research, set out to bring together specialists in the fields of psychology and psychotherapy, both from the country and abroad, to lay the foundations of a network of professionals who, under the auspices of interdisciplinarity, promote good practice and scientific rigor in various fields of psychology. The work of this scientific event will take place in a hybrid system, on the ZOOM platform, and each participant will receive the connection link until June 1.

The conference "Theoretical landmarks and good practices in psychology - 2022" is an event for the community of psychology professionals, to which teachers from pre-university education are invited to join! Details about this panel can be obtained at the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Full participation in the conference will bring 40 credits to each CPR member participant. The conference is undergoing CPR accreditation.

The participation fee is 350 lei and can be paid by bank transfer.

The cost is 350 lei for psychologists, 200 lei for teachers in pre-university education.

Those who will apply for the diploma with CPR credits will pay the fee of 350 lei even if they also hold the title of professor.

Last day of registration: May 20, 2022

Registration - https://docs.google.com/.../ 1FAIpQLSdRDl ... / viewform

The official opening of the event will take place on June 1, in the Great Hall of Danubius University (Bd. Galati, no. 3) starting at 10.00!

Details about the program and payment of the fee


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