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Department of Student Services

Tel.: +40 372 361 251; +40 372 361 250
Fax: +40 372 361 292


PR & Media

Email: media@univ-danubius.ro

Rector's Office

Email: rectorat@univ-danubius.ro

School of Law

Chief Secretary: Mihaela-Emanuela Ghiorghiu
Email: drept@univ-danubius.ro


School of Economic Sciences and Business Administration

Chief Secretary: Crina Munteanu
Email: economic@univ-danubius.ro


School of Communications and International Relations

Chief Secretary: Iuliana Filote
Email: fcri@univ-danubius.ro


School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences

Email: violetaghinis@univ-danubius.ro


Danubius College

Secretary: Eliz Loghin
Email: eliz.loghin@univ-danubius.ro



Secretary: Ghinis Violeta
Email: violetaghinis@univ-danubius.ro


Issuance of Study Documents

Email: diplome@univ-danubius.ro
Tel.: +40.372.361.180

Front Office Quick Contact

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