Short History

„Danubius” University is a non-profit higher education institution, a legal person of private law and public utility, part of the national education system, accredited by Law no. 409/2002, which operates based on the provisions of the Romanian Constitution, the Education Law, the Teaching Staff Statute and its own Charter, approved by the University Senate.

Based on the "non-profit" principle, the "Danubius" University of Galati operates in accordance with the Constitution and the laws governing Romanian higher education, aiming to train specialists at the level of contemporary knowledge and performance, to promote forms and methods of education in accordance with the progress of today's human society, but also with human rights and freedoms.

By promoting private education, the possibility of a state of competition is created, meant to capitalize on superior individual qualities and the highest knowledge in the studied fields, relieving the state of important expenses related to the initial education of young people and then to the continuous training of adults. Thus, the ratio between the demand and the supply of labor factor is maintained at an optimal level, because both the citizen interested in his training and the educational institutions continuously adapt to the social need for qualification and performance. On the other hand, the directions of economic, legal, technical and cultural development request and receive the necessary specialists in a dynamic and unrestricted way of tuition fees or artificially imposed specializations.

"Danubius" University ensures the transparency of graduate studies for Romanian and foreign employers and, at the same time, more chances on the labor market, through the complex content of the Diploma Supplement, according to the Bologna agreement, a bilingual written document (in Romanian and English), compulsory issued together with the Diploma of university studies, starting with the academic year 2005-2006.

The teachers who make up the teaching staff of the "Danubius" University of Galati, come from the elite of the university centers of Iasi, Bucharest and Galati, and are entirely doctors or PhD students.

The faculties of the university provide, as facilities, courses of the subject holders, library services with approximately 43,000 volumes and over 2,000 periodicals, computer laboratories, legal and economics clinics, forensic laboratories, as well as non-stop Internet connection, which can be accessed by all students and teachers.

The academic and scientific research connections of "Danubius" University cover North America, Europe and Asia and have a continuous upward trend.

"Danubius" University of Galati is a modern, dynamic, entrepreneurial European university, perfectly adapted to contemporary society.

Mission Statement

Danubius University is committed to becoming a leader in the provision of educational activities and environment aimed at student success, transforming the community through unrelenting search for enduring truth, lifelong personal growth and development, and expanding meaningful service to all spheres of society.

Vision Statement

Danubius University will be recognized as an international university of excellence with an agenda to enhance humanity and transform Europe and the world.

Value Statement

The DELITE Culture

DIVERSITY - Commitment to global diversity and inclusive institution where human differences are cherished, and diverse talents are empowered to enhance humanity.

EXCELLENCE - Commitment to relentless critiquing of human civilization for the purpose of personal, professional, and societal transformation.

LEADERSHIP - Commitment to service that makes a difference in the life of individual, organization, and local and global communities.

INNOVATION - Commitment to new ideas and approaches that improve the planet, human cohabitation, and life in general.

TRUTH - Commitment to transparent, tested, and enduring knowledge worthy of transmission from generation to generation.

ETHICS - Commitment to proven practices that promote personal and organizational effectiveness, wellbeing, continuing success.

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