He is a first year student at Danubius College, specialization Cameraman – Photojournalist.

    "Seeing is in itself a creative act", says Henri Matisse. What it is important is to keep our eyes wide open. Everything around us can be a source of inspiration. Creativity consists in seeing things in a new form, knowing how to listen, following your intuition and I would add a determining element: passion, which is the motivation that pushes us to do things with our heart and put ourselves at the center of everything we achieve.

    Investing in yourself, in the passions and things that bring you pleasure, offers a lot of satisfaction and joy. The desire to improve myself, to keep

  • Georgiana-Sabina Rusescu


    Rusescu Georgiana-Sabina is a 2nd year student at the Faculty of Communication and International Relations, specializing in Communication and Public Relations, a student who wishes to nurture her thirst for information in as many fields as possible.

    Before attending university studies, Sabina studied at a post-secondary school in the city of Brăila, as a pharmacy assistant, but after this she told us that: “I realized that it did not suit me. I decided to take a break in order to find myself and then, one day, I decided I wanted to go to univeristy and I did not want to go too far away, therefore I went to see Danubius University programs.

    I was somewhere

  • Mioara Șerban is first year student at the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations and she had chosen to study at "Danubius" University because "Danubius University helped me to discover my true value and the most important thing, never give up on my dreams".

    Before attending the University, Mioara studied to become a general medical assistant, then, having a strong desire for a career in forensic science, she chose the "Faculty of Law" of Danubius University. But about this subject, she confessed: "Things can change, that's the only way we realize what we want from life, better sooner than later. What made me stop wasn't because of the teaching staff or my colleagues, either, the teaching staff are extremely well trained

  • Cosmina Mioara Tenie – A Future Ludicrous Psychologist 


    Cosmina Mioara Tenie, a freshman of the School of Psychology and Biomedicine, chose “Danubius” University to be her alma mater as in the past she used to be on the same halls, times she recollects to have been “some of the best in her life”.


    My first major was Economic Sciences and Business Administration.“I remember dearly of that time as both colleagues and teachers created an environment meant for me to attend classes with pleasure. I loved to answer to questions put in courses and seminars and I felt no stress at all”, she told us.


    What she appreciated the most was the fact that

  • Sergiu Bularda – A Computer Scientist of “A”

    Sergiu-Constantin Bularda attends the School of ICT & Applied Sciences at “Danubius” University. He chose this academic road due to the institution’s reputation and, after his first year of study, he confesses that “everything said to be good here is true and the teachers are very well trained”.  

    Sergiu got involved in the recently displayed Danubian project on astronomy, endeavor beckoned by the Students’ League. “Everything turned out well and I was really impressed to meet other students, fellow colleagues from other departments”. Last year, for a few weeks, he was a volunteer within the IT Office. He told us that he is willing to participate in

  • Cecilia Olteanu – An Angel of a Person

    Cecilia Olteanu attends the courses of the Psychology School of “Danubius” University of Galați. One of her greatest wishes is to wake up in the morning and “in only a few minutes, to be on the Danubius hallways, going anxiously and full of curiosity towards the classroom”.    

    Cecilia is grateful for the fact that our predecessors made great efforts that, sometimes, are known only by themselves so that we can learn from “home”, and for her home means Galați and Danubius – at her own home.  

    The student explained to us that, from the beginning, she chose to fit in through collective endeavors, taking on diverse responsibilities.

  • Bogdan Gotu – The Kaleidoscopic Youngster

    Bogdan Gotu is a sophomore within the Faculty of Communication and International Relations of “Danubius” University and his belief is that “being a Danubian student is an opportunity offered to young people in this region to study in a university providing superior education of high quality”. For Bogdan, being a Danubian student “implies a personal academic self-outrun will and willingness of adapting to learn new additional thought patterns needed in the development and molding of social competencies”.  

    Smart and dynamic, the youngster got involved, since his first year, in a large number of extracurricular activities. Therefore, he participatd in the

  • Daria-Elena Iftode – “The All-Knowing Kid”

    Cheerful and gregarious, a sophomore, Daria-Elena Iftode studies Psychology at the Faculty of Communication and International Relations, at “Danubius” University. This special youngster told us she chose “the Diamond on the Danube” given the young faculty and the vast material basis the institution offers, being also motivated by the graduates’ successful carriers.

    Daria didn’t lose any time and, when being a freshman, she decided to enroll in the Students League. This quality has already given her the chance to be part of a number of challenging Danubian projects. Daria was a volunteer for the “Love Festival”, an annual event organized by the University, but

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