School of Law

Senior Lecturer Iulian Savenco, PhD
Director of the Department of Public and Private Law

Knowledge, culture, spirituality are key elements of becoming human and society. At their foundation lies the education, a fundamental concept for human edification. Higher education institutions are traditionally places of knowledge transfer, which train students to become independent in thinking, to look critically at the world and society in which they live.

Founded in 1992, the Faculty of Law, the first faculty within the "Danubius" University of Galati, has assumed the role of contributing to the development of society and the recognition of fundamental values, aiming at achieving ideals to which the whole world refers today: to enable young people to develop their skills at the highest level, to be well prepared to work in the chosen field, to be able to contribute effectively to personal fulfillment, to play an important role in shaping a democratic, civilized and tolerant society.

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