School of Communications and International Relations


Associate Professor Liviu-Mihai Marinescu, PhD



Audience schedule:

Wednesday: 12.00 - 16.00

Tuesday: 12.00 - 14.00


Associate Professor Florin Iftode, PhD
Department Director



Audience schedule:

A34 | Thursday, 12:00 - 14:00


Senior Lecturer Daniela Aurelia Tănase Popa, PhD
Director of the Department of Communication Sciences


The School of Communication and International Relations is a tempting offer with maximum openness to the future. When you opt for our offer, your chances of working in a upper level of public space are maximized. Your option may be for one of three license programs:

  • Communication and public relations
  • International Relations and European Studies
  • Psychology
  • or for the Master's program in Business and International Economics

Those who complete the accredited bachelor's program in Communication and Public Relations can pursue professions such as: public relations specialist, mediator, spokesperson, brand manager, protocol organizer, organizer of fairs and exhibitions, trainer, training organizer / consultant, skills evaluator professional, political communication consultant, online public relations specialist, press communication specialist.

After completing the accredited bachelor's program in International Relations and European Studies, graduates may have a diplomatic career or may practice, as advisers or experts in international affairs and European integration, in institutions and organizations belonging to European structures (local, national or international); These graduates can also work as international officials, as specialists in the media or in political parties, as negotiators specializing in conflict management, as European and international mediators, as trainers in the field of European integration, as analysts, specialists to develop and implement post-accession strategies and programs.

The mission of the Psychology specialization within the Faculty of Communication and International Relations is to train specialists able to offer different categories of psychological, educational-therapeutic and recovery services, able to contribute to raising the prestige of the psychologist profession and to developing research in education and social sciences. The purpose of the specialization is to train high-profile professionals to think critically and innovatively and to apply psychological knowledge and skills in their personal and professional lives.

Graduates of the master's degree in Business and International Economics can contribute by integrating them into political life or diplomacy, by providing advice or analysis, by applying international communication strategies to the creation of a well-trained professional body of European civil servants.

Our study programs offer, in addition to the fundamental information in the field, a range of disciplines that will shape you as a personality, open new horizons of knowledge and transform you into a flexible personality, able to take on the challenges of the coming decades.

The Faculty of Communication and International Relations has a focused humanistic component, which will allow you to highlight your specific skills and vocations, to develop your personality, through the competent guidance of teachers, personalities in top fields of knowledge.

A network of bilateral agreements with prestigious universities in Europe, the international compatibility of curricula and the system of transferable credits ensures our students the chance for scholarships abroad.

Your career begins with us!

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