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Speech of Danubius University's Founder, Professor Benone Pușcă, PhD
at the 20 years’ anniversary of “Danubius” University of Galati

Ladies and Gentlemen,

 “Danubius” University of Galaţi celebrates two decades of existence. Certainly, this is an insignificant period in relation to Time itself, to the great conquests and creations of the human genius and, certainly, insignificant in relation to the university tradition of historical Moldavia, of Romania, of Europe and of the entire world.

However, for us, those in “Danubius”, 20 years of university existence in Galaţi, the spiritual city, seated not only at the meeting of the Siret with our great river, but also of great European cultures and civilizations, it means a lot! Certainly, it is an important contribution to the three quarters of a century since Galati has been not only a maritime port on the Danube, not only the capital of the Lower Danube, but also a strong and traditional Romanian university center, that has represented – and it still does – a significant contribution to the flourishing of the country!

It is an example of coexistence of two educational systems; that is, the public and the private one, both animated by the same noble ideals of the country’s evolution, through the education of its children in the spirit of the demands of the knowledge society. Obviously, this is the reason for both educational systems to coexist, on the grounds of calm, reason and understanding, but also on the grounds of an inevitable and non-antagonical competition, as in all fields.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please notice that, in accordance with the best traditions of Romanian education, here, at “Danubius”, we build not only a university structure, but also a Romanian spirit, ideal for progress! This is, firstly, due to the fact that our university forms a true academic basis, materialized in the existence of a teaching staff consisting entirely of doctors and PhD candidates that occupy the entire portfolio of teaching assignments from assistant to university professor. Please, also notice that, upon wishing to be in synchronization with modern university demands, we have built at “Danubius” a strong material foundation, materialized in amphitheaters, course and seminar rooms, well equipped labs, library, reading rooms, sports grounds, a TV studio and the necessary administrative space. All these have been frequented, in these 20 years, by more than 15.000 students and master’s students, originating not only from Galaţi, as an indicator that our achievements are recognized in several areas of the country.

Our endeavor to achieve a high-performance education has been encouraged by the Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sports that has always congratulated us for our achievements. Furthermore, we have always had the support of the local public administration especially that of the Mayor of Galati city, the President of the Galati County Council, the county’s Prefect that we thank on this occasion.

We have to mention that, in our institution, we have been constantly interested in bringing the students closer to the practical side of the profession they embraced through their options in the admission contest. In this sense, they have been guided by our professors in scientific and art circles, in school press offices, in order to obtain special performances in research, journalism, as well as to acquire special abilities connected to the activity of magistrate, lawyer, public notary, legal counselor, economist, public relations specialist, diplomats and administrators. In this context, we mention that our students that participated in the Legal Clinic contest organized by the University of Bucharest were situated among the first winners.

We have to say that, in its 20 years of existence, “Danubius” University of Galaţi has organized more than 30 scientific sessions, symposia and conferences, most of them with international attendance, whose works were published in volumes and publications of our institution, such as: Danubius Journals: “Danubius Universitas”, the Acta Universitas Danubius Collections: Œconomica, Communicatio, Relationes Internationales, Administratio, EuroEconomica and so on.

It was not by chance that “Danubius” University of Galaţi was certified, in 2008, as a research-development institution and was ranked 5th place in Romania among the universities certified as research-development institutions, according to the decision of ANCS from July 2008. All these were the foreground for the growth of our university’s prestige, proven by the fact that, in 2005, “Danubius” awards the title of “DOCTOR HONORIS CAUSA”. This title was awarded to Ion Iliescu, former President of Romania, Academy member Mihai Cimpoi, Academy member Răzvan Theodorescu, as well as to professors from France, Germany, Sweden and the U.S.A., representatives of prestigious universities with which “Danubius” has scientific, friendship and cooperation relations.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are in the presence of a new structure, built on a free foundation, with recognized achievements!

And today, when we live in the era of globalization and also of the fourth revolution in the history of civilization, the informatics revolution, you will find out new things about our institution, about our collaborators, about our scientific and cultural preoccupations. You will find out that, along with the inevitable passage of time, we are thinking of becoming ourselves our own story. Welcome to “Danubius” and allow me to wish great success to the International Conference!

I wish you all the best professional achievements!

Thank you!

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