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University of Cambridge scholar – keynote speaker at EIRP2022 Conference

University of Cambridge scholar – keynote speaker at EIRP2022 Conference


Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz is Professor of Economics at the Beijing Institute of Technology and researcher at the University of Cambridge (ranked 3rd in the QS World University Rankings 2022). His research interests are related to economic studies of development, energy and environment being involved in the editorial teams of several top scientific journals.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Florian Nuță, Vice Rector for Research at Danubius University, told us that: “Professor Shahbaz is a remarkable figure in the research community, internationally recognized and appreciated. It has a relevant activity in the field of environmental economy, energy and sustainable development in the context of climate change. Muhammad Shahbaz is one of the top 10 authors in the field of Economics and in the top 5 among researchers from emerging economies.”

In order to benefit from the lecture of Professor Muhammad Shahbaz, we invite you to register in order to participate in the 17th edition of the International Conference “European Integration - Realities and Perspectives” (EIRP2022) which will take place in Galați on May 12-14, 2022. For conference registration, more details and updates follow the event website: http://conferences.univ-danubius.ro/index.php/EIRP/EIRP2022

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