The State of the Danubius International University, presented by the Rector Dr. Steve O. Michael

On February 15, the day when the Danubius community celebrated the anniversary of Danubius International University, Professor Steve O. Michael, Rector and CEO, presented the State of the University. The State of the University report is an important event in the United States of America, it is a day when the Executive Officer, known as either the president, vice chancellor, or chancellor presents a summary of the past year's progress and challenges, describes where the University is in its evolution and sets the tone for the coming year.

Last year, it was decided that this important speech would be delivered on the Founder's Day. Professor Benone Pușca's greatest contribution is the establishment of Danubius University; therefore, it was decided to honor him by reflecting on what we have achieved in the previous year and what we are doing with the vision and initiative he left in our hands

Prof. Steve O. Michael began by conveying his congratulations and gratitude to the university community and especially to those who went above and beyond the call of duty in the past year and congratulated all members of the Danubius community for their extraordinary work and all their professional achievements in the previous year!  Specific last year accomplishments include: leading the university from deficit to supplus, ensuring that the university is debt free, completion of the Strategic Plan, changed the name of the University to Danubius International University, with changes of mission, logos, and paraphenelia.  

Regarding the answer to the question: What does the future hold for us? - we developed a visionary Strategic Plan through which we commit ourselves to have growth and expansion as our main objectives, the goal being to become a university in which there are as many programs as possible in the English and Romanian languages.

Danubius International University will continue to play an important role in the development of the Brăila-Galati region. We are well positioned to bring awareness to this region through university activities and to contribute to the economic and social well-being of the region. Danubius International University is certainly an asset to its community.

In closing, Rector Steve O. Michael addressed a message to the Danubius community: "I invite you to join me not only to see what the University is today, but to be inspired by what it can become tomorrow and, with our collective inspiration , WE WILL WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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