The Launch of the Educational Project: AGILE MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP

The Launch of the Educational Project: AGILE MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP

On March 15, within the „Vasile Alecsandri” National College, the launch of the Educational Project – AGIL MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP initiated by the Department for Teaching Staff Training (DPPD), together with the Danubius University, Galati, the County School Inspectorate (ISJ) Galati took place and the Galati Didactic House (CCD).

The training and development of the teaching staff’s skills is based both on the theoretical and informative activity, as well as on the practical activity, carried out in different professional contexts. From the model of the teacher „specialist in a field, soon overtaken by scientific developments” we pass to the model of the „teacher-trainer, able to adapt to the new, to constantly train himself”. Agile management is a leadership style that strives to remove these obstacles to success so that teaching staff can be more effective and productive.

The topics addressed were aimed at: discovering practical strategies to facilitate managerial success, identifying the challenges of educational management and solving problems from the perspective of agile management, based on effective strategies and techniques, through the planned introduction of new management methods.

„Agile leaders adapt their leadership style, and actions speak louder than words! The inspirational leader is a model through action, and his virtues are SIMPLICITY and EMPATHY” concluded the lecture. University Dr. Doinita Popa, the initiator of the project.

The event was intended for directors and deputy directors from Galati County, and the representatives of the project were:

Prof. Gina Brînzan – ISJ General School Inspector, Galati

Prof. Dr. Steve O Michael- Rector & CEO Danubius University

Prof. Dr. Corneliu Andy Pușcă – President of Danubius University

Assoc. Dr. Filip Stanciu- Vice-Rector, Danubius University

Prof. Doina Geru- CCD Director, Galati

Lect. Dr. Doinita Popa – Director of DPPD, Danubius University


Mioara Lepădatu,

PR specialist

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