ERASMUS+ Unique Opportunity for Personal and Professional Development in an International Environment

ERASMUS+ Unique Opportunity for Personal and Professional Development in an International Environment

"Erasmus + is much more than an educational programe for students. Students who choose to live an Erasmus+ experience both during and after their successful graduation get to share their wonderful stories and experiences with us.

This is the case of Mihai Munteanu, student in the School of Behavioural and Applied Sciences, Psychology study program, 3rd year. He applied, was selected and today he is the beneficiary of an Erasmus+ Student Mobility grant at the University of Salerno, Italy,  Humanities study program, Philosophy and Education/DISUFF.

Mihai gave us his perspective on this opportunity:

"My current Erasmus experience at the University of Salerno, Italy, plays a crucial role in my professional development in the field of psychology. Here, I am continuously discovering new perspectives, benefiting from quality educational resources and an intercultural approach to the study of psychology.

Methodological and cultural differences are constantly challenging me to become more flexible and adaptable, thus adding extremely valuable skills in the practice of the profession I am training for. Currently, this experience significantly contributes to my personal development by interacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

I enthusiastically recommend applying for Erasmus grants as they offer not only an advanced academic perspective but also unique opportunities for personal and professional growth in an exciting international environment."


Good luck, Mihai!

We hope this experience will help you build a successful professional career in the future!


For more information about the Erasmus+ programme you can visit https://univ-danubius.ro/en/compartimentul-de-parteneriate-internationale/institutii-partenere.

Also here you can find the list of partner universities and for more details, our colleagues can help you https://univ-danubius.ro/en/departartamentul-de-relatii-internationale/echipa.

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