Dunărea  Polis, the first Romanian Smart City Metropolis

Dunărea Polis, the first Romanian Smart City Metropolis

Danubius University hosted the 8th edition of the DUNĂREA POLIS Conference, which was attended by several representatives from the field of public administration, culture, education, the business environment from Brăila and Galați, pupils and students from both cities, as well as guests from SNSPA Bucharest and from government administration of the state of Texas, USA.

The main idea around which the topics of discussion were focused was the importance of establishing the first Romanian metropolis in the form of a Smart City, considering the fact that more and more specialists in this field are concerned with finding new opportunities for collaboration to develop this concept.

In the vision of the initiators of this unique project in the country, "Dunărea Polis" foreshadows the city of the future, including an urban constellation: business city, university city, medical city, tourist and leisure city, sports city, residential city. The "Dunăurea Polis" project aimed to become a real engine of development, creative regeneration and rebranding of the area by: exploiting, through appropriate strategies, the opportunities offered by the land between Brăila and Galați; shaping a new metropolitan identity in the Lower Danube region; stimulating competitiveness, streamlining and facilitating regional development; the realization of national and international economic-social cooperation partnerships; access to investment projects specific to a smart city, generator of sustainable development; community development, new quality of life standards.

The discussion focused of  the development of concrete strategies that include an action plan regarding the activities that are foreseen to take place in the future. The most important activity at this moment is that of communication and information on the widest possible scale about the project's objectives.

The final message was delivered by the Rector of DU, Dr. Steve Michael: ,,Danubius University, as a growing international institution embraces all the visions expressed today. I want all the young people to know that the best universities in the US are private because we are entrepreneurial, business oriented and practical. We want to develop all these talents in young people in the region. We want to become the economic engine of this region and I invite you to join us to see how great minds transform a twin-city into an international hub of excellence and a tourist destination.  I hope to see you all soon. And thank all the organizers and leaders. May our dreams become a reality,,.

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