Danubius University will celebrate its 30th anniversary year through a series of events dedicated to recognizing and awarding excellence

Danubius University will celebrate its 30th anniversary year through a series of events dedicated to recognizing and awarding excellence

To acknowledge and celebrate its thirtieth anniversary year, Danubius University will host a range of programs during the year, including art exhibits, presentations by accomplished speakers, monthly sweepstakes, professional development workshops, movies, conferences, recognition ceremonies, and its first ever summer school.  The management of the activities will be guided by the Danubius International Advisory Council, which is a group of experts, scholars, and students from ten countries around the world.

Starting in January will be the first presentation in the Phenomenal Women series.  Each month, a woman who has achieved a national reputation in her chosen profession will share information and insights about her successes and struggles with the audience.  The first presenter in the series will be Claudia Nicolae, the director of AGERPRES, the oldest news service in Romania and the first autonomous news agency in the country.  She will be followed in February by Professor Gabriela Mustata-Wilson, Co-Director of the Multi-Interprofessional Center for Health Informatics at the University of Texas at Arlington, and then in March by Professor Irena Chiru, who is the Dean of the Faculty for Intelligence Services at the National Intelligence Academy of Romania. Also planned for January is the opening of a vivid photographic exhibition of Romanian life, both past and present, that will be co-sponsored by the American embassy in Bucharest.

February 15 will be Danubius University Day, at which time the members of the university community who have contributed twenty years or more of service will be acknowledged for their longevity and their contributions to the university.  The Benone Pusca Distinguished Speaker series, named after the founder of Danubius University, will also be launched in February, and each person selected to participate will have demonstrated a level of accomplishment that has gained them international recognition in their field.  The university is honored to have Professor Adrian Curaj, a highly respected educational leader and scholar as the first presenter in this series.

In March, along with its partner, the National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics/ICI, the university is planning to co-sponsor a conference on The Need for Critical Infrastructure, and later in the spring, on May 12-14, Danubius will host the European Integration - Realities and Perspectives Conference, which brings together scholars and policy makers from people from Europe, America and Asia.  A first-time event will take place later in the month when a group of United States university leaders from the American College on Education Fellows Program comes to Romania to participate in a seminar on Internationalization in Higher Education.  The participants will meet with both academic and government officials from throughout Romania as well as with staff from the American embassy. 

Another important innovation will take place in June, when the university hosts  its first summer school, the Danubius International Summer Experience in which students from two American higher education institutions, Jarvis Christian College and the University of Southern Indiana will come to the campus to take classes in International Relations and Intercultural Communications.

A film festival, featuring Romanian-American actors, is being planned for July, which will provide some summer entertainment for our friends and supporters in the local communities

The Phenomenal Women series will resume in September  and the last week of the month will be celebrated as the 30th Anniversary Week.  It will feature the Second Annual Two Democratic Societies in Transition conference, in which scholars and experts will analyze a spectrum of economic, social, political, and cultural issues that impact Romania and the United States.  The conference will lead into the start of the academic year and the Community of Scholars celebration, which marks the start of classes on October 3.

Finally, the year will conclude as it started, with presentations in the Phenomenal Women series in November and December and the final Benone Pusca Distinguished Speaker, also in December.  This robust schedule of events demonstrates how this institution of higher learning recognizes and responds to its position as an international university that bridges the West and the East. 

Danubius University has truly become the "Diamond on the Danube" and in only three decades, it has established a reputation and achieved a standing that has placed it among the top twenty-seven percent of universities in the world. (EduRank).

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