Danubius University selects experts, scholars, and students from nine countries to serve as members of its International Advisory Council

Danubius University selects experts, scholars, and students from nine countries to serve as members of its International Advisory Council

The membership of the IAC will be composed of highly accomplished individuals who have distinguished themselves in their professional  and academic endeavors. 

The life experiences and the variety of backgrounds and endeavors of the members of the council will provide thoughtful and constructive oversight of the manner in which Danubius University will be guided into the future.  They bring demonstrated expertise in several different areas, including business, law, government, public relations, fundraising, technology, academic administration and healthcare.  As a private, entrepreneurial institution that intends to serve as an academic bridge between the East and the West,  Danubius is both philosophically and geographically positioned to connect these two spheres.

This is the list of the members of the International Advisory Council

1. Bernard J. MILANO, Former President of the KPMG Foundation and retired founding president of the Ph.D. project, USA

2. Coralia Adina COTORACI, Rector, Vasile Goldis Western University, Arad Romania

3. Cordell CARTER, Executive Director, Aspen Institute Socrates Program, USA

4. Costel FOTEA, President, Galati County Council, Romania

5. Crystal YOO, Alumni Trustee, Bergen Community College, USA

6. Dagmar CAGANOVA, Vice Dean for International Projects, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology in Trvana, Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovakia

7. Dan SHOMON, CEO, Dan Shomon Incorporated, USA

8. Ellen R. BABBY,Senior Fellow, Center for the Future of Arizona,USA

9.  Eugenia KARAVAEVA, Former Deputy Rector, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia

10. Florin SPATARU, Romanian Minister of Economy, Former Director, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs, Damen Shipyards, Galati, Romania

11.  Gabriela MUSTATA WILSON, Professor and Co-Director, Multi-Interprofessional Center for Health Informatics, University of Texas-Arlington,USA

12.  Gloria D. THOMAS, President, Higher Education Resource Services, USA

13.  Ioana DUMITRESCU, Student, University of Texas-Arlington,USA

14.  Ionut VASILIU, CEO and Founder, IV Future Limited, Romania

15.  Iulian ZAMFIR, CEO ,,Bella Italia,, Braila, Romania

16.  Joseph HUGGINS, President and CEO, The Huggins Group; Former US Ambassador to Botswana,USA

17. Juliana POPOVA, Coordinator for Inter-Institutional Coordination, "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse, Bulgaria

18.  Predrag K. NIKOLIC, Former Dean of the Faculty of Digital Production, EDUCONS University, Serbia

19.  Răzvan THEODORESCU, Vice Chair of the Romanian Academy, Romania

20.  Ricardo P. PAMA, Secretary General, Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific, Thailand

21.  Stefan SCHALTEGGER, Founder and Head, Center for Sustainability Management, Leophana University, Luxembourg

22.  Wei HE, Professor, Founder and President of He Vision Group, China

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