Danubius University Leadership attended the Integration and Innovation: International Conference on Language Services and Areas Studies in the Digital Age in China

Danubius University Leadership attended the Integration and Innovation: International Conference on Language Services and Areas Studies in the Digital Age in China

In October, Danubius University` s Rector, Dr. Steve O. Michael and professors, Dr. Panaitescu Manuela Carmen and Dr. Tureac Cornelia Elena, participated in a conference entitled "Integration and Innovation: International Conference on Language Services and Area Studies in the Digital Age", organized by the Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE), China in collaboration with Danubius University (DU). The conference that took place in Nanchang, China attracted over 120 experts, scholars, teachers, and researchers from 15 countries.

At the opening ceremony, Chen Shifa, on behalf of the Jiangxi University extended a warm welcome to the Chinese and foreign experts and scholars attending the meeting, and briefly introduced the school’s history, development, achievements, and outstanding contributions in recent years. He looked forward to experts having in-depth discussions on the theme during the academic report session and welcomed Danubius University as a joint sponsor of the conference.

In his opening speech, the DU` s Rector, Dr. Steve O. Michael, briefly introduced the history of Danubius University. He conveyed Danubius University’s greetings to the attendees and to the leadership of the Jiangxi University, and wished the centenary celebration was a complete success. Dr. Michael extended invitation to participants, ”all experts and scholars present here are welcome to visit Europe and Danubius University in Romania for exchanges and cooperation.”

As the keynote speaker, Dr. Michael presented on “The Future of Language Education: The Prospect and Peril of AI Technology,” during which he noted that the perceptions of educators are diametrically opposite to those of IT experts with regard to the implications of AI in education and called for these two groups to hold more joint dialogue.

In addition, Dr. Michael was invited to presented two lectures to students. The titles of these two lectures are: Education for Global Leadership: Importance of the Study Abroad Experience (Lecture to Graduate Students of School of Business Administration, JUFE) and Education for Global Leadership: Realizing the Vision of Belt and Road Initiative (Lecture to Students and Faculty Members of School of Foreign Languages and Areas Studies, JUFE).

Dr. Panaitescu and Dr. Tureac, from the School of Economic Sciences and Business Administration, Danubius University had a presentation about the Intercultural Communication in the Digital Age.

The conference reflects three international characteristics. First, it was co-organized by two universities, one from China and the other from Romania. Second, the speakers were from different countries. Third, the topics of the reports were related to language services, regional and country studies, and cross-cultural exchanges.

At the closing ceremony, Rector Michael, conveyed participants’ gratitude to JUFE and especially to the hosts, Dr. Julie and Dr. Sam..and the student volunteers who worked diligently to ensure that everyone was comfortable. He reminded the audience that the 2024 conference will be in Romania and they should learn how to say a few words in Romanian. He taught them how to say ,,Buna dimineata!,,( Good Morning!) and ,,La revedere!,, (Goodbye!).

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