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“Danubius” Students’ League and “Danubius” Sports Club Invite You to the “Art of Love” Festival

“Danubius” Students’ League and “Danubius” Sports Club Invite You to the “Art of Love” Festival

Between February 14 and February 24, “Danubius” Students’ League and “Danubius” Sports Club, in partnership with the Counseling and Career Orientation Center, with the support of Shopping City Galați, organize the “Art of Love” festival.

The event is dedicated to all kinds of people-to-people connections, whether it’s couple relationships, self-relationships or the relationship with God.

Through workshops, TV shows, live streaming and through different types of online and offline activities, the participants will get in touch with valuable insights for their personal growth. Topics as friendship as love display, what is unconditional love or how to love yourself will be tackled.

The opening of “Art of Love” festival will take place in Shopping City Galați, on February 14, starting at 4 PM, when the students from “Danubius” Students’ League and the sportsmen from “Danubius” Sports Club will offer hand-made cards and roses to all the ladies in the Mall.

During the festival, Simona Giușcă, psychotherapist, will develop a series of workshops on the following topics: “I love you!... Did you get me?” and “The Art of Re-bonding in a Couple”

Daily, there will be thematic questioning on the Instagram page of the event. Among the asked questions there will be the following: “What is love?”, “Can love heal emotional traumas?”, “What does it mean to be an altruistic?”.

Three TV shows will be also broadcasted – “The Male in Her, the Female in Him” - guest: Simona Giușcă, psychotherapist, “The Oriental Poetical Eros” – guest: Associate Professor Alina Beatrice Cheșcă and “Dragobete, origins and sense” – guest: Associate Professor Gheorghe Lateș.

All the activities will be streamed live on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the event: https://www.facebook.com/art.of.love.festival.


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