Research Topics

On 15.12.2023 the workshop dedicated to the establishment of research groups, Article: https://univ-danubius.ro/news/constituirea-colectivelor-de-cercetare

As a result of launching the following topics of discussion:

  1. Educational aspects of entrepreneurship. The role of the formal and non -formal school in promoting the entrepreneurial capacities in Romania;

  2. The convergence of the economic systems following the globalization and their implications on social development in national economies;

  • Regional divergence. The implications and development of the regional development policy in Romania. Comparative study.

CC-DISEDD members, members of the Danubian academic community and all those interested in approaching the fundamental, applicative and experimental research of these themes are asked to send an e-mail to: mariacraciun@univ-danubius.ro

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