“Danubius” University: 25 Years of Existence, Extensive International Scientific Anniversary with Extraordinary Participation of Partners from Around the World

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The 25th anniversary of Danubius University is the reason to celebrate in a grandiose, completely new, international scientific triple-context, with dozens of academic and international relations personalities from all over the world (United States of America, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, India, Israel, Germany): 4th AUAP (Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific) of the Global Leadership Program, The 15th AUAP LEARNING AND SHARING FORUM, Enhancing an Effective Student Mobility Programme for Asia-Pacific and European Universities, Investment Opportunities for Europe (19-21 May) and the 12th edition of the International Scientific Conference: European Integration: Realities and Perspectives (EIRP 2017 - 19 May).

In the 15th AUAP LEARNING AND SHARING FORUM, well-known representatives of higher education in Europe and Asia will focus on relevant issues regarding the development of effective student and teacher mobility programs so that it can be insured a bidirectional flow of students and teachers between these regions of the world.

23 Asian students will participate in these events and they will live the experience of the Romanian students at Danubius University, as a first step of the student mobility.

Dr. Sung HEE HAM - President of AUAP, Professor Ricardo P. PAMA, PhD - Secretary General of the AUAP, Professor Wichit SRISA-AN, PhD - Founding and Emeritus Chairman of AUAP Consultative Council, Associate Professor Andy PUŞCĂ, PhD - Member of the Board of Directors of AUAP, Professor Steve O. MICHAEL, PhD, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science, as well as Professor Sompong SANGUANBUN, PhD, Royal Thai Ambassador, H.E. Diar NURBINTORO - Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Romania are only a few personalities on the keynote list of these events.

We will return with the results of these three international scientific events.

“Danubius” University Spokesperson

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