Faculty of Law

●    Using specialized legal language and legal logic tools in the development of specific arguments according to the field, in writing as well as orally
●    Using concepts and theories from the legal field, in order to explain and interpret national, European and international texts of law (juridical norms)
●    Explaining and interpreting of national laws, of the European and international provisions, through the acquired knowledge
●    Identifying the legal provisions of the Romanian, European or international legislation, applicable in a given context
●    Interpreting the relationship between the institutions of Roman law and European law and the law of other countries by using comparative and interpretative methods
●    Selection of legal information necessary to solve a concrete problem
●    The correct identification of the regulations in effect and the use of legal reasoning, with their exploitation in professional communication
●    The accomplishment of professional tasks effectively and responsibly, with regards towards the ethical rules specific to the field
●    Applying the techniques of efficient team work respecting the hierarchy
●    The effective use of communication resources and of information sources and of professional training assistance, both in Romanian and a language of international usage
●    National and local institutions with attributes in the legal protection of the minor
●    International regulations concerning the protection of the minor
●    The role of family and alternative policies of nursing of the child
●    The regulation of social services for Romanian children
●    Parent authority - between regulation and practice
●    Criminal accountability of minors
Total number of hours: 144
Number of credits: 18


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